3 Ways to Get Back on Track

Here are 3 steps to get back on track and back to business!

We all get sidetracked, lazy, or even discourage at times. The important thing is not to stay there!

  1. STOP – Stop making excuses and allowing so many distractions from the task at hand. Create an environment for yourself where you know there will be minimal distractions. My phone has always been one of my biggest distractions. Today I have learned to discipline myself more and use it to be more productive instead.
  2. PLAN – Plan your day and take notes. Planning out your tasks is always a good way to keep you on track with what to do next. Writing it down can save you the time of having to reevaluate when you actually start the task. I write ALL the time and everywhere. My favorite tool right now to keep records is My biggest challenge now is to keep track of all my plans. Let’s deal with one struggle at a time.
  3. START – Stop thinking too much about the task and do it! The more you allow yourself to think, the more distracted you can allow yourself to be. It can also lead to stress and procrastination. 

Remember that it is rewarding to accomplish your tasks. You got this! STOP, PLAN, and START making the most of your time. It’s time to start reaping the benefits and get back on track today!

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Glenn Patrick
Glenn Patrick
My name is Glenn Patrick Roaden and I am a Belizean graphic designer. I enjoy traveling, nature, photography, art & more. I hope to inspire others and share pieces of my journey with the world.

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