How payment works


All jobs will require a 50% down payment before the job is started. The other 50% is due before the high-quality files are turned over.

For website development, a 50% deposit is required before the project can be started. At the review stage, a 25% deposit is required. The final 25% deposit is required before the website goes live.

If you are looking to start an ongoing business relationship with VbGP this can be discussed.

What you are paying for


Prices are for graphic design services and entitle the buyer to a copy of the approved end product/design in the following formats upon request: JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF & others. All formats are “As a copy” and not layered. The only exception is for t-shirt designs for screen printing that consist of more than one color.

VbGP reserves the rights to all designs and Photoshop design files (PSD). An extra fee will be required from anyone who requests to obtain the PSD layered files for a purchased design. After obtaining the PSD file the buyer is limited to the type of change he/she can make to the approved design.

Obtaining all rights to a design will come at another purchase price. Please contact me for more details if required.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may vary depending on what is requested. VbGP also reserves the right to change prices at any given time for any given purpose.

IMPORTANT: VbGP adds the final approved end product/design to the website portfolio for marketing purposes. If for some valid reason you feel it best that your design not be added (e.g. sensitive content) please contact me (Please note a fee may be required). Also, please note our design process.  

Charges for late payment


Please note that a late fee of 10% will be charged on the remaining balance if payments are not made within 14 days of the project been completed or invoice due date and 10% for every two (2) weeks after (10 days after completion for websites).

If a job is completed and the outstanding balance is not paid within three (3) months we will no longer be held responsible for any of the project files. After this period the project files may be deleted immediately as it will be considered forfeited.

Refunds and Cancelling a Project


If a job is canceled before it is started you will get a full refund (if the transaction fee is required it will be paid out of the amount paid).

If a job is canceled after the job has the first draft, 50% of the job cost will be charged.

No refunds for jobs that have gone through several drafts (2 or more).

What happens after a design is approved


After a design is approved you will receive your product in the formats agreed to (mentioned above). ALL DRAFTS not approved are the property of  VbGP and are not to be used in any way other than during the job process in working towards getting an approved design.

If there are any errors that need to be corrected (for example with spelling or content error) those changes will be made free of charge.

VbGP adds sent information/content as is. Although spell check is used as standard practice, it can only go so far. VbGP trusts that you are sending in the exact information you want on your design. If any error on an approved design gets printed, VbGP will not be held responsible for any damages, unless the printing was handled by VbPG. Please help to ensure that content sent in and the end products are 100% accurate.

If any major design changes are required after a design is approved, there will be an extra service fee charge.

What happens when a project is delayed


VbGP works diligently to get website projects completed for review, as agreed to in the timeline. If a client, for some reason is not able to give in content in time, they are expected to communicate a valid reason for the delay. Projects that go on hold for over three weeks will be considered late and a late fee will be charged.

Please note that doing business with Visuals by Glenn Patrick means you understand fully and agree to all our Business Policies and Design Process as stated on this page.  Last updated October 13th, 2020

How to pay for a job


  1. At Bank:
    Atlantic Bank Ltd.

    Account Name: Visuals by Glenn Patrick
    Account No.: 100295501
  2. Online Deposits:
    Account No.: 100295501
  3. In-Person
    #2 San Jose Street
    San Ignacio, Cayo
    Belize C.A.
  4. International ($1US=$2BZ):
    Western Union (up to $450BZ )
    MoneyGram (up to $950BZ)
    Glenn Patrick Roaden
    #2 San Jose Street
    San Ignacio, Cayo
    Belize C.A.
  5. PayPal Partner
    Ask for more info.


If you would like to meet within San Ignacio to make a payment please contact me.

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