Community Art Event


The BAY Art Fest is hosted by the Belmopan Active Youths. It is an annual event celebrating Belizean art and artists. They get the opportunity to display their talent and sell their pieces to the general public. They also get an opportunity to connect to other Belizean artists! I have been apart of the planning committee since 2017 and VBGP has been a sponsor.

Belize Art Community


#BOOST is a community of artists working together to propel Belizean art by encouraging and promoting Belizean artists through various artistic avenues.

BOOST Belize was formed by Visuals by Glenn Patrick, InAwe Films and Inspirati Art in 2015.

Belize Bird Rescue logo
Avian Rehabilitation Centre & Bird Sanctuary


In 2016 I got to meet Ms. Nikki Buxton of Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) about partnering with her organization to create a design to bring awareness to what they do…

Young Life Belize Logo
International Youth Ministry in Belize


VbGP got the opportunity to sponsor the logo and flier design for Young Life Belize. They are using creative and fun methods to reach the youths of Belize through their faith.

Before All Else band logo
Contemporary Christian Band


Before All Else band was birthed in 2014. They have been focused on using their collective musical talents to reach out to others through their faith. I have been apart of management ever since the beginning and offering my services where ever applicable.

Helping Wherever Possible


Does your church or NGO have an event or need that we can meet? Email me to see how I can help!

VbGP is giving back to the community by helping out the best way I know how! Please be sure to tell us what service you need assistance with and why. I will then inform you on how it works and if your organization is eligible.

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