VBGP New Office Location (November 2020)

It’s OFFICIAL…we have an office once again!

I am ecstatic to mention that as of November 2020 Visuals by Glenn Patrick is 4 years old and has a new office location within San Ignacio!

After closing my first ever office back in December 2019 I knew two things:

  • It was time for a change for the vision for the business and myself
  • I would one day open a new office and expand on my vision to have my very own studio

I am one step closer to the big vision and starting small…and I love it!  Thanks to all who have continued to support me. I will be forever grateful! This includes my family friends and especially all my clients!

I am looking forward to greater things as always and our new office location is just the beginning!

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Glenn Patrick
Glenn Patrick
My name is Glenn Patrick Roaden and I am a Belizean graphic designer. I enjoy traveling, nature, photography, art & more. I hope to inspire others and share pieces of my journey with the world.

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