Andrew Serino T-shirt Design (Partnership with International Artist)

It has always been a desire of mine to meet and do designs for artists I listen to and admire. I got that chance meeting my new friend and musician Andrew Serino from Portland, Oregon.

I first heard his music when he was apart of the band His Legacy. From there I followed his covers on his YouTube page, caz I love his voice! To make a long story short we end up connecting over a comment I make on one of his cover songs and got to know about each other a little better.

I’m so excited to have worked on the t-shirt design his first debut album as a solo artist! Find out more about his on Facebook and YouTube. Also check out his Indigogo Campaign to find out how you can help him record his very first full length record through his Pre-Order options!

Glenn Patrick
Glenn Patrick
My name is Glenn Patrick Roaden and I am a Belizean graphic designer. I enjoy traveling, nature, photography, art & more. I hope to inspire others and share pieces of my journey with the world.

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