Website Addition Information

Included in Pricing for VbGP Website Design & Creation Services

  1. Custom web page layout
  2. Setup WordPress
  3. Installing and coding the theme
  4. Theme cost: FREE*
  5. Page creation and layout main pages
  6. Research and Resources/Data Gathering
  7. Access to Stock Photos and Videos FREE

To learn more in the Additional Information section please click here.

General Pricing Details

  1. Custom web page designsStandard Pricing for VbGP Graphic Services. The price to include the PSD files for the web page designs is $150. 
  2. Setup WordPress – Including setting up CPanel, installing WordPress, creating the FTP access and setting up the MySQL required. It also includes setting up plugins for security, backup, and optimization.
  3. Installing and coding the themeCoding the site to look like the approved design. Includes setting up header, menu and footer.
  4. FREE ThemeWe have a select set of themes that you can use free of charge! Don’t find one you like? You can always purchase a premium theme that will be used to develop the site…we can help you find one.
  5. Page creation and layout for main pages – This includes installing and setting up necessary plugins for each page. It does not include more complex plugins – for example, more complex booking system plugins or plugins used for e-commerce (online store).
  6. Research and Resources/Data Gathering This includes all necessary research and resources gathering of information and files needed to complete a website project.

Other Website Packages Details

  1. FREE Domain and Hosting – VBGP offers the first year of hosting (any plan) free as well as registers your domain name free for the first year. You are responsible to pay your renewal fee for both the following your before your plan expires.
  2. SSL Certificate – SSL certificates provide security for online communications and enables an encrypted connection. They keep online interactions private across the public Internet. It helps customers gain the confidence to provide personal information on your website. Information used to sign in, enter personal data such as credit card numbers are kept private. It assures users that your website is authentic. Host providers usually charge extra for the SSL Certificate. We are offering it to you at no extra cost! SSL is the way of the future for a secure browsing experience!
  3.  WordPress Optimization – we install a plugin to help optimize your website for faster performance. 

Website Packages – Our packages are designed around the general pricing listed at the top of this page and are design to complement our hosting services. If you need a custom package created feel free to contact us today!

SEO – VBGP will install and set up the necessary plugin and set up the SEO features to as many pages as requested. This will help your status on search engines, over time, when people search for your type of services and/or products.

To get an idea of how effective it is, I have done this basic SEO to and in less than a year Google has recognized it as one of the top websites for graphic service in Belize.

Search engine optimization takes time as search engines such as Google send “bots” to “crawl” your website every so often to collect data on your site and build a searchable index. Learn more by clicking here.

Website Packages and Support

Support can be requested monthly or may be included in your hosting plan.

  • Update Plugins – plugins are used to create the forms, banners, galleries, etc. on your website. Each month or a couple of weeks these plugins are updated by creators to fix problems, make features better or add new featured for better user experience. VBGP will update these plugins on your website once they release the new updates.
  • Update WordPress – WordPress is a constantly evolving technology and newer versions come out every so often to enhance and provide a better version. These updates are usually essential.
  • Update Theme – WordPress themes are regularly updated just like plugins. If your theme has a new update VBGP will update it under the Advanced Plan.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps you keep track of how many people are visiting your website, what pages they are looking at and from where in the world. This can help you with marketing so you know from where people are more looking for your services or products! To get the full benefits of this you will need to submit your website to Google and set up your account for Google Analytics.
  • Website Security – We are in the age of hackers and viruses so it’s essential to keep your website protected and from potentially harmful malware and the like. This plugin give you that needed security.
  • Spam Protection – adds a captcha plugin for forms to protect from spam and to verify humans are using your forms.
  • Website and Content Changes – This applies monthly and renews each month. Includes changing/adding website content and images, creating basic web images/buttons/banner as well as minor code edits. If updates go more than the hours of chosen plan the normal support charge of $40 per hour applies. If the full hours are not used within a month it expires.
  • Backup Website – Things are not always in our control! If you get hacked or something goes wrong it’s essential to have a backup of your website so you can get your website back up as fast as possible.
  • Lazy Image Loader – This plugin helps with website optimization, which is a plus for website visitors! Basically it loads your image on each web page only when visitors need it to load and in turn, helps your website load faster.
  • Access to Back End – You will have access to login to your website and make updates as needed
  • Access to Stock Photos and Videos You will be able to use the available resources for your website project!
  • Reports – monthly report

IMPORTANT: Sorry, No refunds for cancellations on hosting after it has been set up. If you do not renew a hosting plan before the plan period is up, all related services will cease on the date the plan expires. For further information please contact VbGP.

VbGP also reserves the right to change the pricing for its services at any time for any reason.

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