Zyng Beats - The Past

My journey with music has been quite the ride! It all started back in 2017 when I dabbled in making my first track using MAGIX Music Maker. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a chart-topper, but boy, did I have a blast doing it! If you’re feeling curious, you can still give it a listen on SoundCloud.

Today and the Future

Now, fast forward to 2024, and here I am diving back into music-making once again, this time with the help of AI technology! Between juggling my professional endeavors, finding time to keep up with learning new things can be quite the challenge. That’s where AI comes in handy, offering a speedy alternative. AI generated music has a lot of room for improvement but what it can produce with your guidance is very impressive!

Sure, I’ve heard some folks express concerns about AI-generated music, just like we’ve seen with advancements with AI in many other including video and graphic design. But personally, I believe AI is here to stay, and it’s all about embracing it and making it work for us. As for the debates around copyright and artist compensation, well, only time will tell! For now, I’m just here to have fun, explore new musical ideas, and see where this wild ride takes me. Let’s enjoy the journey together!

Listen and Follow

Zyng beats are made purely for fun and entertainment. Hope you give them a listen and enjoy! Thank for stopping by! Feel the Energy. Music. Life.

Main genres focused on are a blend of Rock, Punk, Metal, Afrobeat, Caribbean, Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, Dance and Latin.

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