Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club

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    Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club

VBGP has been privileged to have Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club as an on-going client since December 2019.

“Mahogany Bay Resort is inspired by the rustic charm of Belize and the country’s historic British colonial architecture. Charming wooden cottage and villa-style rooms boast breezy open spaces, louvered windows, lofted ceilings, and welcoming porches. The property is nestled within native island [San Pedro, Ambergris Caye] landscape frequented by colorful birds and butterflies…”. Excerpt from Curious Collection by Hilton.

A list of designs we have done for then includes magazine ads; social media ads; menu sets; logo re-creation; sandwich board designs; brochures; certificates and more.

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