MD Music Framed Art Design Donations

Mervin Budram – MD Music is a Caribbean artist who sings soca music, reggae music and dance hall music. He is currently located in Belmopan City, Cayo. His style can be described as a Modern Caribbean Gospel with a crossover appeal. MD believes that Music is a tool to communicate a value system… Through his music, MD communicate TRUTH that will set the captive free.

In March of 2016 he released his CD “Breaking Free” and VbGP sponsored four framed art designs for the release party. The designs are inspired by songs from the album and are faith based as Mervin Budram comes from a strong Christian background.

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Glenn Patrick
Glenn Patrick
My name is Glenn Patrick Roaden and I am a Belizean graphic designer. I enjoy traveling, nature, photography, art & more. I hope to inspire others and share pieces of my journey with the world.

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