Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club

Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club is a wonder to behold!

I was invited to spend a couple of days on what I thought would be a business trip to discuss our new business partnership. Instead, I was treated to an all-inclusive stay at a luxury Curio Collection by Hilton resort! I loved just about everything about Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club.


From the moment you arrive, there is this sense of wonder about it. The staff members were mostly friendly. All those I interacted with were easy going and courteous. They all made me feel welcomed as we engaged in conversation. Their genuine interaction was especially a plus for me because I am a local, like them. 


Mahogany focused. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the rooms and buildings. I love the fact that they decided to develop a project based on mahogany, which is a very important part of Belize’s history! We use to transport mahogany on our rivers for trade, which was vital “back ina di days”. The rooms are neat and comfortable. It was a simple and relevant mix of tropical and modern. My own little home away from home that includes all the essentials and then some.

Weekly Events

If you are not up for leaving the resort but still want something to do, you will be pleased to know they host weekly events. I had arrived on Garifuna Settlement day, which is a national holiday celebrating the arrival of the Garinagu people and culture. Mahogany Bay Resort has a cultural night that demonstrates its vibrant culture and punta dancing with traditional drumming. Other weekly events include an outdoor movie night, burgers in paradise & their Belizean BBQ buffet. 

Local Businesses & Activities

Entering the resort you will notice a few locally owned businesses worth mentioning. First is the Taco Shack, where you will be greeted with popular Belizean cuisines such as tacos, salbutes & the traditional Belizean rice and beans. Then there is the coffee shop, Rum & Bean. Here you can get freshly brewed coffee, some of your favorite tropical rums, or even a cookie or two to snack on. You can also visit the yoga loft, rent a golf cart/bicycle to explore the town or eat out at The Verandah, amongst other activities. If not, sit back, relax & enjoy their poolside or dive in! They can also connect you with popular local tours if you so desire!

Beach Club

The beach club is a pleasant getaway on your getaway! You take an approximately 15 minutes boat ride from the main building, the Great House, to the private beach location. There, guests get to soak in the sun, beautiful views & unwind by the beach. You can find a beach bar, in-water hammocks, sun lounges, or participate in various water activities. If not, relax by one of their popular overwater Bali-beds!

Local People

Mahogany Bay Resort is also open to locals. Locals are welcome to use the services available to the public! These include their weekly events, The Verandah, the Taco Shack & Rum & Bean. It’s the perfect hang out spot for family and friends. Their outdoor movie night event is free and open to locals as well. 

Final Thoughts

Overall it was surely an unimaginable experience! A heartfelt thank you to Ms. Laura & Mr. Erik for the opportunity to experience Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club! Everything about the trip was amazing! Including the flights back and forth on Tropic Air, the spectacular aerial views of my beautiful Belize, the kind and helpful local business owners & staff, the savory cuisine, the comfortable accommodations & the friendly atmosphere. 

I highly recommend Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club if you are looking for a dreamy and carefree Belize vacation! 

I am not a writer, but I write to share stories about my passions! Check back for my next Belize Travel blog!

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